Customer Service DOES Happen!

This is Tom, and I wanted to explain what great customer service I received just now. One speaker in a pair of Bose noise canceling headphones wasn’t right, even after trying the typical troubleshooting remedies.  So I called the Bose 800 number, expecting to be transferred, get someone’s voicemail…you know….go nowhere quickly.  To my surprise I got a live person. And she was polite. And she’s the one who heard my problem, and after telling me where to find the serial number (note to Bose: less than 1 pt font size is not the easiest to read), she proceeded to inform me that the warranty expired on January 24th, about 3 weeks ago.  To my surprise, she said they would take care of a replacement under the warranty. Two minutes later, after I heard the furious clicks of her keyboard, she said I’d get 2 emails in the next couple of hours, one a confirmation from Bose on the transaction and the other with a FedEx shipping label (I did have to pay to ship the old ones back). Thirty seconds more of her instructions, and I was done.  Done. As in “Four minutes on the phone with Bose and I have replacement headphones coming my way, even 3 weeks past the warranty.” Outstanding!