Free Webinar on “Public Demonstrations and Civil Unrest Affecting Public Assembly Facilities”

If you missed yesterday’s webinar on public demonstration and civil unrest, moderating by our own Russ Simons, you can watch it for free here:

In response to recent incidents in Baltimore, MD, and the ongoing potential for demonstrations and civil unrest to affect the operations of public assembly facilities, IAVM presents a webinar that will share best practices, legal considerations, and actual real-time responses from member venues.

Russ Simons, chief listening officer & managing partner, Venue Solutions Group

Denis Braham, co-chair, Sports Business & Public Venue Industry Group, Winstead PC
Adina Erwin, vice president & general manager, Fox Theatre;
Allen Johnson, CFE, executive director, Orlando Venues;
Robert Noonan, director of public safety, Massachusetts Convention Center Authority
Leslee Stewart, general manager, Paramount Theatre

NHL Ice Tough to Maintain in Spring

As we develop topics for next year’s Venue Operations Summit, we look to our industry for insight, inspiration, and intelligence. One such example is how NHL venues deal with ice floor maintenance as some teams get hot and so does the weather where they play. Click here for a recent article on the Verizon Center, and below is a snippet…..

“It starts the day before game day. His (Dave Touhey, GM of Verizon Center) staff precools the building to four or five degrees lower than usual. Members of the engineering team, the operations team and the security team meet, discuss the weather report and strategize.

The idea is simply to keep warm air out and cold air in. They try to limit the number of deliveries to the arena on game day to keep the loading dock doors closed. They even discuss how they will limit the number of doors used by fans at a specific entrance; they might keep four of the six doors closed, depending on the time of day and the number of fans entering the arena.

This whole article is a good read. Enjoy!

New MLB Security Screening Protocols

With MLB increasing security to include walk thru metal detectors, our client the Pittsburgh Pirates have created a simple and clear video to assist guests arriving at PNC Park. This is a really nice piece.

Future of Retail

The link at the bottom is to a SlideShare presentation on the future of retail 2015 (personal advice, if you are not a member of SlideShare you are missing a tremendous resource.

I do not consider the public assembly facility industry to be terribly innovative, we respond (many times late to the party). This presentation into how retailers are anticipating, creating and delivering customer needs will give you an advance look into what your customer “experience” expectations will be in the future.

This is a basic pay attention and prepare to meet the expectations or be left behind. There will be no one to complain to when your customers and their money choose to stay home.



Free Ebola Webinar Tomorrow

Tomorrow, IAVM is providing a fantastic webinar with a great lineup of speakers that will provide an in-depth look at how Dallas venues handled the recent Ebola incident along with other information related to Bloodborne Pathogens. This is a great opportunity for all of us to get updated on lessons learned and key factors that we can all apply to our own facilities.

 Here is the webinar information and link:

Venue Best Practices: Ebola & Bloodborne Pathogens

Friday, October 31, 2014 / 12-1pm EDT / Free