Free Webinar on “Public Demonstrations and Civil Unrest Affecting Public Assembly Facilities”

If you missed yesterday’s webinar on public demonstration and civil unrest, moderating by our own Russ Simons, you can watch it for free here:

In response to recent incidents in Baltimore, MD, and the ongoing potential for demonstrations and civil unrest to affect the operations of public assembly facilities, IAVM presents a webinar that will share best practices, legal considerations, and actual real-time responses from member venues.

Russ Simons, chief listening officer & managing partner, Venue Solutions Group

Denis Braham, co-chair, Sports Business & Public Venue Industry Group, Winstead PC
Adina Erwin, vice president & general manager, Fox Theatre;
Allen Johnson, CFE, executive director, Orlando Venues;
Robert Noonan, director of public safety, Massachusetts Convention Center Authority
Leslee Stewart, general manager, Paramount Theatre