Ford Center, Evansville


While employees of Populous, the VSG Partners were engaged to provide operational assistance through the design process of this new 12,000 seat arena which opened November 2011. We reviewed the design documents, offering comments from an operator’s perspective that ultimately impacted the operating costs in a positive fashion. Once the construction phase began, we then worked with the City on preventive maintenance, FF&E specifications, operating proforma development, event and full-time staffing levels, start-up procedures, and pre-opening planning (including grand opening). We also assisted the City in the development of an RFP for private management, identifying qualified firms and provided interview and selection criteria.


  • 12,000 seats
  • 21 suites with 360 total suite seats
  • 80 loge seats
  • 500 club seats
  • 9 locker rooms
  • 3 loading docks, 1 food service loading dock
  • 180,000 lbs of rigging capacity over the stage