NHL Ice Tough to Maintain in Spring

As we develop topics for next year’s Venue Operations Summit, we look to our industry for insight, inspiration, and intelligence. One such example is how NHL venues deal with ice floor maintenance as some teams get hot and so does the weather where they play. Click here for a recent article on the Verizon Center, and below is a snippet…..

“It starts the day before game day. His (Dave Touhey, GM of Verizon Center) staff precools the building to four or five degrees lower than usual. Members of the engineering team, the operations team and the security team meet, discuss the weather report and strategize.

The idea is simply to keep warm air out and cold air in. They try to limit the number of deliveries to the arena on game day to keep the loading dock doors closed. They even discuss how they will limit the number of doors used by fans at a specific entrance; they might keep four of the six doors closed, depending on the time of day and the number of fans entering the arena.

This whole article is a good read. Enjoy!