At Venue Solutions Group, we take care to provide our customers high quality services personalized for their unique needs.  We realize no two clients are alike, and no two projects are alike. VSG will tailor solutions to our client’s needs and will never take a “one size fits all” approach.

Louisville ArenaWe provide a variety of services including, but not limited to:

Facility Condition Analysis

The purpose of a facility analysis is to establish and evaluate the facility’s current condition and provide a benchmark for evaluating the facility in the future. It includes a detailed review of the following components:

  • Architecture/Interiors
  • ADA/Building and Life Safety Codes
  • Structure
  • Foodservice and Retail
  • Entertainment Electronic Systems
  • Major Systems (mechanical, electrical and plumbing)
  • Security Electronic systems
  • Roof

Guest Experience Benchmarking (GEB)

GEB’s are focused on confidentiality and presenting an accurate assessment of the overall guest experience. The information gained helps management better understand the facility’s strengths and potential areas of improvement.  In this service, similar to “mystery shopping,” we evaluate the overall guest experience from arrival through departure, including an evaluation of the venue website and receptionist. This involves observing, evaluating and benchmarking the guest experience in the facility and its operation visible to the public on game day including parking, guest services, stadium entry and circulation, general security, facility cleanliness, concessions, overall condition of the facility, and personal interaction.  We then provide recommendations consistent with industry best practices.

Pre and Grand Opening Consulting

Opening a new facility can be many times more difficult than operating one, and having or acquiring the knowledge to accomplish that goal is critical. Our Partners have not only assisted other venues, but all three have themselves been a part of grand opening management teams. The preopening work has included the preparation of preopening budgets and checklists, FF&E review, organizing storage spaces, writing procedures and protocols, coordinating efforts of 3rd party vendors, placing event staff, and preparing and training staff on emergency plans.

Business and Operations Consulting

VSG can evaluate the overall operations and processes that a venue utilizes in order to fulfill their obligations, both from an event perspective as well as a maintenance, repair, and security perspective.  We will identify strengths and weaknesses of the operation, identifying capital improvements (if necessary) that will allow a venue to broaden their appeal to event producers. We’ll also assess current and potential marketing opportunities, review the organizational structure, compare the facility’s specifications and event activity with competitors, and review rental structure, including ancillary fees, so that the facility is in the best possible position to meet their goals, whether they are based on finances, events, or a combination of the two.

Guest Experience Strategy and Training (GEST)

The Guest Experience Strategy and Training (GEST) Program is an inclusive approach to applying industry “BEST PRACTICES” through multiple levels of an organization. GEST is achieved by creating shared vision and employee “buy-in” from conception, to development, to training, to execution, and through the evaluation process. The program is designed to partner with your management staff to facilitate superior guest services through multiple activities.