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Venue Solutions Group’s WORKS platform provides value-based analyses for public assembly facility owners, operators and managers facing the expected challenges in reopening their facilities. The WORKS platform focuses on three important elements of recovery and reopening.


– Back To Work Plan –

As venues plan for re-opening, they must demonstrate their preparedness to provide a safe environment for anyone visiting or working in the facility.

A comprehensive restart plan is a critical component in seeking approval from local and state health and government agencies for resuming normal operations and welcoming guests back to the venue. VSG WORKS can assist in the development of a custom, comprehensive plan that addresses the following broad content areas, along with an appendix of supporting materials as needed:

  • Guiding Principles
  • Health & Safety Protocols
  • Communications Plan
  • Guest Areas
  • Services & Operations

The plan incorporates industry best practices and is customized based on venue characteristics, local/state requirements, and applicable requirements from other stakeholders (i.e., leagues, athletic conferences, etc.). It converts guiding principles into specific, actionable protocols addressing guest areas and general venue services and operations. Due to COVID-19, we can perform this service remotely.

Back to Work Plan, VSG WORKS

– Air Quality and Systems Survey –

This is a high-level physical assessment of the facility’s HVAC filtration and mechanical circulating systems. 

The focus of the assessment is to ascertain if a facility’s systems can meet (or exceed) the current guidelines set forth by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE).

The VSG WORKS platform is a review of the facility’s HVAC filtration and circulation systems that service the seating bowl and related public spaces such as concourses and restrooms. We will assess the facility’s capabilities for the following:

  • Increasing outside air ventilation
  • Improving air filtration (MERV)
  • Complete air exchanges
  • Positioning of supply and exhaust air diffusers
  • Exhaust fans to further reduce contaminate concentrations
  • Applicability of UV-C as a supplemental sanitization strategy
  • Non-Traditional Sanitizing/Disinfecting Technologies

Currently, we are performing this service remotely. We have created a scope that allows us to review mechanical plans and interview engineering staff to develop the necessary calculations and actionable information you will need when re-opening.

– Organizational Assessment –

In recognizing the consequences we face from the COVID-19 crisis, we can expect labor and key staff shortages as we move to reopen.

Businesses like ours that have shed workers will be scrambling to find enough workers with the right skill sets and experience. We will compete with restaurants, hotels, amusements, entertainment and other industries.

In our experience, the management of most venues evolves over time as a matter of convenience. As organizations mature, positions are eliminated, job descriptions and skill sets are merged, and staff is asked (or required) to perform a host of tasks and responsibilities not intended initially and perhaps without possessing the full qualifications or experience. These changes have been necessary to keep the enterprise moving forward.

Now is exactly the right time to step back and conduct an independent review of how your organization functioned pre-COVID and identify the appropriate organizational structure to move forward. This includes reviewing the skill sets and experience needed to meet the expectations of your business partners, tenants, event producers and guests as we prepare to reopen.

VSG WORKS platform will independently review, assess and provide information to assist you in determining headcount, skill sets, and the experience that your organization will need to meet the expectations of your business partners, tenants, event producers and guests.

The WORKS program entails a deep dive through direct interview and document review, into the policies, procedures, and protocols of your organization, including culture and professional development. We will review what you currently use and compare it to best practices and what we have learned through our work in hundreds of other venues.

  • General organizational structure
  • Personnel headcounts
  • Job titles and descriptions
  • Internal and external communication
  • Succession planning
  • Training and Development
  • Policies and Procedures

Our decades of direct experience combined with the current and evolving best practices will result in the actionable information necessary to prepare your organization for recovery and reopening.

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