Frontline Staff

Advantage Training

A guest’s encounter with your staff can determine if they return and whether they have a positive experience that they will share with others.

Venue Solutions Group’s “hands-on” training uses experiential team-building that enables frontline staff to create legendary memories for guests. Our fast-paced training will energize staff while getting them up on their feet and learning from each other. Central to our training is enhancing your staff’s trust in each other. They will never treat a guest better than they treat one another.

While training, employees will learn that their most valuable resource is the other members of their team.

During our 2.5-hour facilitated session, participants will:

  • Gather for opening music, video and introductions
  • Be led through energetic activities focused on safety effective communication and methods for delivering superior service
  • Gather for wrap-up, recognition, and awards

VSG Training Advantage 4 S’s



Guests depend on staff for security and their expertise during events


Great staff make memorable and authentic connections with guests


To properly assist customers, staff need to engage guests then deliver solutions


Success is achieved when the staff learns and live our training concepts

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