Premium Solutions People

Venue Solutions Group’s Premium Solutions People was formed to fill a service void within the professional and collegiate sports facilities industry.

Venue Solutions Group, Premium Solutions People

Our team – with 60+ years of premium seating experience in the NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, MLS, and college facilities – has joined forces to provide all of the information and expertise necessary to create a robust premium seating operation from the ground up. For existing premium seating operations, we have curated the industry’s best practices and developed easy-to-implement advising solutions that will help ensure your best clients (i.e., revenue generators) receive the attention they deserve in an atmosphere that promotes your mission, vision, and values.

Our Premium Solutions People (PSP) program is well suited for both new buildings/major renovations as well as existing premium operations.

Industry experts, Debbie Massa leads our Premium Solutions People as dedicated resources with decades of experience.

Existing Premium Operations

As long-time industry professionals, we empathize with the struggle to find the time and resources to plan and execute a comprehensive internal review of your facility, operations, staff performance, and guest experience. The majority of premium seating departments trust that they are delivering high-quality service with a continuous desire to improve. However, in the fast-paced world of sports/events, we believe everyone can use some assistance in this endeavor. PSP uses our “SWOT” approach to:

  • Highlight your strengths
  • Identify any “blind spots” or weaknesses, based on our observations

We want to learn from you about the circumstances that have contributed to the topics/areas that concern you and help you recognize what may be holding you back from delivering the exceptional premium experience that you desire. Finally, we’ll work with you to:

  • Discover the opportunities that exist to help you move forward
  • Overcome any threats to your goals to create an elevated premium experience

Our analysis and resulting recommendations will guide you to prioritize and create an action plan that is influenced by industry “best practices.” This process allows you to focus your refinement efforts on the areas that you decide require the most immediate attention.

With this in mind, we offer a customizable menu of service options to provide you with an objective review of your premium spaces and operations:

  • Concierge training/refresher training sessions
  • Premium Seating sales/service staff renewal-focused training
  • Suite administrator training/boot camp sessions
  • Event-day evaluation, presentation of objective results, complete with backup information
  • Departmental and inter-departmental “Best Practices” evaluations
  • Moderation of premium seating or suiteholder focus groups

New Construction and Renovation

Sporting venues that are adding to or expanding their premium areas such as clubs, suites, and club or loge seats present a unique opportunity, but also a unique challenge. Experience has shown us that preparing to open a new or renovated venue requires an entirely different skill set than operating a pre-existing one.

We believe in the importance of collaborating with the architect/design team and your sales and operations staff very early in the process to ensure nothing falls through the cracks. We want your premium seating operations to be exceptional and your grand opening to be a seamless experience for your guests and your staff!

PSP is fully equipped to guide you in a variety of tasks essential to opening a venue including, but not limited to:

  • Collaboration with your architects/designers on FF&E matters, design elements, signage, paths of travel
  • Creating job descriptions/organizational charts, staffing plans and hiring
  • Creation of premium service and operational policies and procedures for both clients and staff
  • On-site new-hire and refresher training programs for your full-time and event-day staff
  • Planning for pre- and post-opening events and touch-point opportunities
  • Providing support for event-day operations
  • BMO Field / L.A. Football Club
  • LA Memorial Coliseum / University of Southern California
  • SoFi Stadium
  • Texas A&M University / Kyle Field
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