What We Do

At Venue Solutions Group, we strive to always provide our clients with high-quality services personalized for their unique needs. We understand the challenges that venues face every day.

Our philosophy is that good management practices are not characteristics of one building type or size, and the tenets of such can be applied across all venues.

The success of any venue, whether measured in dollars, events, attendance, economic impact, or any other metric, is contingent upon a myriad of things working well. Every service we offer is designed to help a client reach their goal. Some services are greatly tailored to a specific need, but in general, we find that our expertise in these areas is what our clients appreciate the most:

Business and Operations Advising

business and operations consulting
Our Business and Operations Advising services have been used by some of the largest U.S. venues to assess their business strengths and areas of opportunity. With this, the facility will be in the best possible position to meet their goals, whether they are based on finances, events, or a combination of the two.

Facility Condition Analysis

A Facility Condition Analysis is an ideal service for venues looking to discover how the life of their facility can be extended and improved. Our team of design and operations professionals will identify not only the “what” of your venue, but the “why” and the “how” in what to do next.

Guest Experience Benchmarking

Guest Experience Benchmarking (GEB) is an essential part of facility management. Our team will help you discover how you're doing from the perspective of a customer. Check out some examples of our trusted team in action.

Advantage Training

VSG Advantage Training develops and implements customized opportunities to illuminate human potential and equip frontline staff, supervisors, and senior managers with tools to achieve excellence. Understanding the how and why of creating winning teamwork ultimately improves performance and enhances the guest experience.

Premium Solutions People

Our team can create a robust premium seating operation from the ground up, or we can help elevate your current offering. Our Premium Solutions People (PSP) program is well suited for both new buildings or major renovations as well as existing premium operations.

Pre and Grand Opening Advising

Opening a new facility can be many times more difficult than operating one, and having or acquiring the knowledge to accomplish that goal is critical. We have not only assisted other venues but also have been a part of grand opening management teams.

Safety & Security

As the political and social climate continues to change, a significant focus on safety and security at public assembly facilities is required. Having strategic readiness plans in place for general on-site security, as well as emergencies and coordinating first-responders, is critical for all types of events and gatherings.
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